Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BREASTSTA is here!

Anna Vitale's long poem, Breaststa

Vitale's Breaststa is a meditation on tits. Breathalyzer tits? Hannah Arendt tits? Zero Star Hotel tits? Yes. ($2) [vol 6]
An excerpt of Breaststa was published at the excellent website http://wolfinafield.blogspot.com/

If you are interested in purchasing a copy by mail, you can pay via PayPal, or
send me an email at mondobummer_at_gmail.com to arrange payment by mail (barter welcome).

More books coming soon!

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  1. its is fucking cold in the "midwest" dude. ohio state kicks michigans ass anymore, if i still cared about sports these days i would feel like a badass. where do you like in michigan? what is the random part of land across the lake from michigan? kind of rando