Saturday, March 27, 2010

Puppets and a Summer in Paris: What could be better?

Who doesn't love a puppet? (See previous post).

Leigh Stein really loves puppets,* and she's bringing that love (& those puppets) to Denver. Visit her blog and consider donating to her puppet videotaping fund. For $10, she'll make a puppet that resembles you or a loved one and bring it to Colorado! Haven't you always wanted a puppet in your likeness to see Denver?

Speaking of Leigh Stein, MONDO BUMMER is delighted to present our 10th book,

Leigh Stein's small collection of poems,
Summer in Paris

Stein's Summer in Paris will take you to Paris (bien sur!), to the personals column, and finally into the arms of Mr. Right. There is no Russian word for fun, but these poems aren't in Russian! ($2) [vol 10]
If you are interested in purchasing a copy by mail, you can pay via PayPal, or send me an email at to arrange payment by mail (as always, barter welcome).

*My afternoon with Bernadette at last year's AWP was the best thing that ever happened to me:


  1. Russian word for fun is веселье.

  2. thank you! i had a feeling that fact might not be true. it's a quote from leigh's book.