Monday, March 29, 2010

awwww mondo bummer dude!

I still haven’t found a stupid snowboarding jacket. Mondo bummer. And it’s real lame. I have a cell phone bill and no money.

i wish i could dress like a flapper in real life. i was going to get hardcore with rebecca today, but we could not. mondo bummer.

a mondo bummer part was i lost stephanies cell phone (the usa exchange student in helsingborg. i was trying to call nadia!!!)

Was it on your imaginary list, the one in your imaginary pants that got ruined in the imaginary laundry? Mondo bummer, dude.

Mondo bummer indeed. We lost Mikey to a cloud of smoke before we could ask what lay in store for him.

so, since its not really worth it going perth for just 2 days, the frigging trip was frigging cancelled bummer bummer mondo bummer

sam can't go though which is a mondo bummer. originally greg was coming to, but he to will be absent. shit-sandwich.

anyway, i want to go to more shows, but i have no one to go with now that kate's gone already, which is mondo bummer.

dude. mondo bummer. i miss being at neesa's apartment in bushwick and sitting on her couch listening to music and feeling really really nervous but in a (kind of) good way.

we got up there around 4, checked in, got settled (sp?), had dinner and went to caesers palace (i dunno) where i proceeded to lose 16 dollars!! mondo bummer.

I studied A&P which is so fun. I didn't even get all the way through the chapter. Which is a mondo bummer.

Heidi Klum decides at the 11th hour not to wear the dress Jay designed to the Emmy Awards. Mondo bummer.

Hmm... sorry your trip home was such a mondo bummer. I must say, however, I like the names of your surrounding towns--Hephzibah, Bamwell, Eatonton.

Bob Dylan, you OK, man? I just read that you sold "The Times They Are A-Changin"'to a Canadian bank to use in their TV commercials. Mondo bummer.

you left the country then i left the area. mondo bummer. come visit

That's a mondo bummer, bro... I hope it heals quickly!

The only thing that bugs me is that most of the msn links I posted -- especially the Maternal Giantess one -- have been switch to worldgroups and becoming locked down and deleted from msn. Talk about a mondo bummer.

Marissa Burke appeared to be having a kick of a good time chatting up co-anchor Mike Lewis, whose new CD, "Umbrellas in the Sun" was NOT played at all throughout the night (mondo bummer).

eriks mondo bummer style gets him no repect whatsoever and all the local shredders feel that he is just a poser trying to fit in

he leaves on saturday for san luis obispo and its a mondo bummer cuz im not gonna see him alot.

Massive, mondo bummer. We hoofed it to Freebirds first. We were gonna buy chips all night, but we ate too fast and were broke by 10.

please be sure that you want the item before buying it as cancelling it after I've cut the fabric is a mondo bummer.

Yeah, mondo bummer there. You were even screwed on a diamond; I can't believe that guy turned a full house. You're still in, though.

All that's left is just a little bit of touch up and 1 mondo tangle of trees that came down in one of the storms of the last few weeks - right on top of a previously built section of trail. Mondo bummer.

mondo bummer extreme. if you're gonna wake up though i always say wake up to weather like this.

Then the mondo bummer is finding the correct style shoes.

awwww mondo bummer dude! I wish my brothers weren't turds and let me play otherwise Id so be in for this. WHO KNOWS.

While the road closure is a mondo bummer to ski area managers (about 40 percent of the Pass' business is from Yakima), it could be a major bonus for west-siders.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

mondo jam

Puppets and a Summer in Paris: What could be better?

Who doesn't love a puppet? (See previous post).

Leigh Stein really loves puppets,* and she's bringing that love (& those puppets) to Denver. Visit her blog and consider donating to her puppet videotaping fund. For $10, she'll make a puppet that resembles you or a loved one and bring it to Colorado! Haven't you always wanted a puppet in your likeness to see Denver?

Speaking of Leigh Stein, MONDO BUMMER is delighted to present our 10th book,

Leigh Stein's small collection of poems,
Summer in Paris

Stein's Summer in Paris will take you to Paris (bien sur!), to the personals column, and finally into the arms of Mr. Right. There is no Russian word for fun, but these poems aren't in Russian! ($2) [vol 10]
If you are interested in purchasing a copy by mail, you can pay via PayPal, or send me an email at to arrange payment by mail (as always, barter welcome).

*My afternoon with Bernadette at last year's AWP was the best thing that ever happened to me:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free Pizza

Update: Pizza has been claimed!

How is it possible that nobody's ordered Matthew Savoca's amazing book yet? First person to order Thousands and Thousands of Years gets this one-of-a-kind blank book

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's a long time!


Matthew Savoca's long poem, Thousands and Thousands of Years

Savoca's Thousands and Thousands of Years is an exploration of relationships over time, punctuated by cayenne pepper sneezes. It's time to get serious. ($2) [vol 9]
If you are interested in purchasing a copy by mail, you can pay via PayPal, or send me an email at to arrange payment by mail (as always, barter welcome).